Alpha, Renee Kelly's dog

Our Philosophy

Our pets are with us through thick and thin.  It is our promise to them, to help when we are needed.  Alpha treats provides a superior bone broth formulated specific for dogs and cats using pasteur raised beef bones and organic vegetables.  We've also included ingredients, like turmeric, which can help with inflammation.

We count on our pets for many things, and now, we can give back to them.

Our Story

This is Alpha.  She has been a part of my life for 15 years.  Rescued from a shelter in Houston, TX in 2001 she has been with me through thick and thin.

Alpha has been across the mountains, to the sea and through golden wheat fields and camped during thunderstorms. Always welcoming me home from a long day in the kitchen, with the whole body wag.  As she matured, her joints stiffened and the once rabbit hunter started enjoying lounging more.

Upon a visit to the vet's office, she recommended adding a little bone broth to her food to ease her joints.  After one week, I saw improvement in her mobility and mood.

As a chef I have made and drank bone broth for years, but it never occurred Alpha could benefit too.

Meet the Team

Hi, I'm Chef Renée Kelly.  The super #sassychef from Kansas City, focused on local seasonal cuisine for the best health possible, not only for me, but animals too.

Kansas City’s uber-local chef of Harvest, creating a living breathing fabric of sustainability through her knowledge and playful nature.

“When the concept of a meal comes from a true heart, has pride, passion and love, beginning from the seed and soil, it just tastes better. The earth provides us with anything we need at any given point in time for optimum health, nutrition and flavor.”

The ginger top Renee Kelly KC Top Chef

Renée Kelly


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